Motores y pates para Indmar

We stock a complete line of marine mufflers. We handle Vernalift and Vernatone quality mufflers. For over four decades Centek Industries has been quieting boats with round silencers made from fiberglass composites. Back pressure compensation and corrosion resistant properties make Centek products the choice of more OEM's than any other brand. Centek mufflers carry a five year warranty.
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685001 Raw water pickup pump for all engines except LT-1 and LTR engines. 229.00
531400/01 HO Catalyst manifold for small block engines 1399.00
685020 Raw water pickup pump for LT-1 and LTR engines 3 hole flange. 289.00
531301 Colector de aluminio para el 5.7L Indmar no catalizador. Colector de escape babor. 1349.00
531300 Colector de aluminio para el 5.7L Indmar no catalizador. Colector de escape lado de estribor. 1349.00
685007 Water pump impeller for 685001 and 685020 pumps 45.00
556014 - K High pressure fuel pump - 3 fuel line fittings 389.00
525006 Flame arrestor 57.00
575014 Alternator - 90 Amp Delco 259.00
531027/1051 Exhaust manifold for all 350 CID (5.7) Indmar Marine engines 429.00
532027 Riser, 3 1/2" outlet used on most engines except LT-1 259.00
532029 Riser 3 1/2" outlet used on LT-1 only 259.00
532008 All small block Ford exhaust manifolds for Indmar engines 409.00
532009 Riser, 3" outlet for all early model Indmar engines 219.00
551240 Pulley, aluminum water pump Vee belt 149.00
551241 Pulley, aluminum crankshaft 89.00
535011 Rear mount assembly complete 159.00
R005004A Pan de aceite de 351 Marines. Hecho por el PCM para adaptarse a las aplicaciones originales para Indmar y PLEASURECRAFT Marina. 499.00
53-9001 449.00