Marine Fuel Pumps

All of our marine fuel pumps are new and meet all Coast Guard requirements. The mechanical fuel pumps are sight tube design and are made of aluminum. They contain a vent tube to be attached to the carburetor or flame arrestor thru a sight tube. This feature alerts the user of possible pump failure. Carter electric rotary vein pumps have positive displacement and compact design. This pump has 7 P.S.I. These electric pumps meet all Coast Guard regulations. We have available fuel pumps for every application. Click the images to enlarge. We ship worldwide and will try to match anyone's price on the same product. Open Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm Eastern Time. Please Email us if it is after hours.
Click to enlarge Part # Specs Price
RA080002A Fuel pump for PCM Ford 139.00
Fuel pump for PCM 350 s/b 109.00
Fuel pump fpr PCM 454 129.00
Carter Elect fuel pump 259.00
2 stage Elect fuel pump - replacement kit 556014 - K 2 stage Elect fuel pump - replacement kit 389.00
Fuel pump for Indmar Ford Fuel pump for Indmar Ford 239.00